The importance of a clean "NDAA"

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a United States federal law specifying the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense.  Each year’s NDAA can also include other provisions, or riders.

Well, the Vet Voice Foundation just sent out a petition asking our members to send a message to Senator McCain and the Senate Armed Services Committee that we support an NDAA unencumbered by environmentally hostile riders. 

We had a superb showing with well over 14,000 members signing on to support a ‘clean’ NDAA.  Well done team!

The House of Representatives passed a version of the bill earlier this summer loaded down with ideologically motivated policy riders that have no business being in the NDAA.  Three of those riders are especially detrimental to our national public lands, and their inclusion has no business in the critically important authorizing bill for the Department of Defense.

For example, the sage-grouse rider in the House bill would undo the landmark collaboration from eleven western states and a variety of voices to protect sage-grouse populations, sagebrush habitat and the more than 350 species that depend on that habitat.  These plans are the result of years-worth of work and coordination by westerners and must be allowed to move forward to preserve the western way of life.  Of further note, $1 billion per year of recreation-related economic activity takes place thanks to sagebrush.  The U.S. military has made clear that the sage-grouse plans do not impede our nation’s military readiness.

Senator McCain has long been committed to passing an NDAA bill focused upon funding military functions and avoiding partisan and irrelevant riders.

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The team at Vet Voice Foundation