Building a Movement

Despite popular media depictions, veterans do not exist in a "bubble." From rural communities and big cities, veterans have become part of the fabric of daily American life. For that reason, VVF ensures veterans' voices have no boundaries either. 

To do this, VVF is building a national network of veterans. Using a combination of new technologies, grassroots campaigns, and social media, VVF is identifying, educating and mobilizing veterans across America. 

Over the past decade, technology and public policy advances have been fast and fierce. VVF is committed to reaching veterans where they are. Our team uses such tools as: direct mail, email, social media, peer-to-peer texting, and more. 

In addition to new technologies, VVF relies on traditional methods of organizing.  VVF's staff is continually expanding outreach efforts across the country, through face-to-face meetings, hosting group events, and phone contact.

We know that building veteran communities is important for our work. The combination of these strategies allows VVF to do just that. We are stronger when we unite and empower veterans’ voices on vital issues impacting our democracy.

Organizing and Mobilizing America's Veterans

The VVF continues its commitment to organizing veterans and their families. Of particular interest to VVF is outreach to the African-American and Latino communities. VVF will continue to make every effort to ensure that our membership base is diverse and representative of the veterans' community.