Karen Meredith

Karen Meredith, Military Families Liaison

Karen Meredith was born into an Army family: She is an Army granddaughter, Army daughter, Army sister and an Army Mom.  A single mother, Karen raised her only child, Ken Ballard, on her own.  She was proud to see Ken serve our country by joining the Army upon graduation from Mountain View High School in 1995. 

Ken was stationed in Bosnia, Macedonia, and Germany as an enlisted soldier with 1st Armored Division.  He then attended college on the Army Green to Gold scholarship and was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Army in 2002.  After additional training, he returned to Germany for his first assignment as an officer, also with 1st Armored Division.  1LT Ken Ballard was killed in Najaf, Iraq, on May 30, 2004; he had been in Iraq for 384 days.  With the death of her son, Karen became a Gold Star Mother, a mom whose child was killed while serving in the military.

Karen is active in the Gold Star and Veteran’s communities as an advocate for military families and veterans.   She is a Gold Star liaison/organizer for the annual California Run for the Fallen; Travis AFB Ruck March honoring Gold Star families; two Deployed Runs for the Fallen held in the Kuwait and Afghanistan; and the Mountain View Veterans Memorial in her hometown. She volunteers at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California, supporting the Foundations of Recovery program.  She was also named the California Assembly District 22 Woman of the Year in 2006 for her activities in support of military families.

Karen supports the Iran Nuclear Agreement for many reasons including using diplomacy before military action.  The containment of nuclear weapons is in the interest of the United States as well as the international community. The Iran Nuclear Agreement was a significant and meaningful international effort. The U.S. should not police this process alone.  Should Iran fail to meet the terms of the agreement, military action is always an option, but the U.S. should always try diplomacy first.  Our country cannot afford another misbegotten war. The extreme loss of blood and treasure on the misguided adventures in Iraq should be a lesson that the U.S. does not want to soon repeat.

Karen Meredith is a resident of Mountain View, California.