Steve Dunwoody

Steve Dunwoody, Vet Voice Foundation California Director

Steve Dunwoody is the California Director of Vet Voice Foundation, overseeing the organization’s extensive education efforts in the state. He is an Iraq War Veteran and advocate for the environment, energy independence and a number of other important causes. As the California Director, Steve is responsible for mobilizing veterans in California around important issues related to the conservation of public lands and monuments, in addition to being a strong advocate for a number of other issues important to the Vote Vets mission. 

As a former Obama Administration appointee in the Department of Energy and the White House, Steve has helped champion many of the major agenda items on the Administration's program for a clean and sustainable future. In 2012 he helped launch "Troops to Energy Jobs," a program sponsored by the Department of Energy with private and non-profit sector partners, which was aimed at training Veterans for jobs in the public utility field. He served as department spokesman for the program. 

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Steve resides in Los Angeles, California. He is graduate of Kent State University, and has completed graduate work in energy and environmental issues at The Johns Hopkins University. Steve was inspired to move to California because of its natural beauty, diversity of its people and endless possibility. He is committed to keeping California at the forefront of the environmental and conservation movement.