Vet Voice Calls Out Those Falsely Using Disabled Veterans to Pass Legislation That Undoes Public Lands Protection

Vet Voice Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC – The Vet Voice Foundation is today strongly rejecting false notions put forth by the bill’s proponents that HR 1349, the “Wheels Over Wilderness” Act, is needed to allow wheelchairs of disabled veterans on public lands. Wheelchairs are exempt from laws against wheeled vehicles, under current law.

“No one should believe that our national parks and public lands are anything but open to the disabled, and always will be,” said Garett Reppenhagen, Western States Director for the Vet Voice Foundation. “It’s really low for people who want to undo public lands protections to pretend letting wheeled vehicles on public lands has anything to do with veterans in wheelchairs.  It shows just how little they believe they have a legitimate case to make, that they have to falsely coopt wounded warriors.  In fact, if they were concerned about veterans, they’d work to protect these public lands that so many veterans depend on, when they return from war.”

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