Vet Voice Foundation Attends National Park Service Centennial at Yosemite National Park

 ·  Steve Dunwoody, Vet Voice Foundation
The Vet Voice Foundation had the opportunity to attend the 100-year Centennial celebrations of the National Park Service. The event was attended by President Obama, where he gave remarks on how everyone should have access to National Parks, as well as the importance of dealing with climate change, which threatens their existence. 
In addition to this, the Vet Voice Foundation is working to improve the diversity of the National Park Service, while serving on a special coalition of groups working to do the same. Steve Dunwoody, California Director of the Vet Voice Foundation, who attended the event, remarked "It's important that while our group has advocated for Veterans, active duty military and their families to have access to the parks, we do not forget to advocate for other diverse communities to improve access as well. Including among the staff of the National Park and Forest services."
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