Vet Voice Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC – Vet Voice Foundation today is strongly opposing new efforts to shrink even more national monuments, on the heels of the administration’s announcement yesterday to end protections for two monuments.

Today, Secretary Zinke laid out plans to end protections for at least eight more national monuments: Cascade-Siskiyou (Oregon and California), Gold Butte (Nevada), Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (New Mexico), Katahdin Woods and Waters (Maine), Rio Grande del Norte (New Mexico), Northeast Canyons and Seamounts (Atlantic Ocean),  Pacific Remote Islands (Pacific Ocean), and Rose Atoll Marine (Pacific Ocean.

Iraq War Veteran, and Western States Director for the Vet Voice Foundation, Garett Reppenhagen said, “At what point will the Trump Administration, and Secretary Zinke, be satisfied that they have stolen enough land from the American people?  At what point is enough, enough?”

“Today’s ‘phase two’ plan to shrink our national monuments is a massive slap in the face, on the heels of yesterday’s announcement. It shows that no land is truly safe, and no monument is truly protected. As veterans, we didn’t fight for the profiteers and prospectors who want to develop this land for profit. We fought for our country, and these lands we love,” he added.

Veterans played important roles in the community driven campaigns to help protect these national monuments, including thousands of veterans and family members that acted to submit public comments during the recent Department of Interior review period.

During a two-hour hike with Secretary Zinke in the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks, a dozen veterans attempted to persuade the former Navy Seal Now Secretary of Interior to leave the monuments be. Unfortunately, Zinke has ignored them, and is even ending protection for the very national monument in which they hiked. 

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