Vet Voice Foundation statement on historic deal between P5+1 and Iran

 ·  Press Release, Vet Voice Foundation

Vet Voice Foundation’s long campaign to support a deal with Iran on limiting their nuclear weapons research came to a successful close with a critical Senate vote, after thirty of our veteran, retired generals and Gold Star Mothers visited key decision maker offices.

Senate Democrats gained 42 votes, one more than what was required, to block a resolution disapproving the landmark nuclear agreement between the U.S., Iran, and five other nations. 

This major foreign policy victory comes after almost two years of grassroots organizing by Vet Voice Foundation to educate our leaders and the American public. 

The negotiated deal lifts sanctions on Tehran in exchange for Iran curtailing its nuclear program. Our members, who include many war veterans, see this as a diplomacy-first solution, before our nation moved toward armed conflict to remove the threat of nuclear bombs from Iran. 

Our retired generals and experts in the Department of Defense stated that if the deal failed, and military force was needed to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes, airstrikes would not be sufficient. It would require “boots on the ground,” which would mean more of our service members not coming home alive. 

On the eve of the Senate decision veterans from every corner of the country converged on Washington D.C. to convince fence sitters to join us on the right side of history. A group of our members and Gold Star mothers had the opportunity to meet with President Obama to discuss the importance of the deal. 

It was an honor to be able to engage in this critical issue. Future generations might never fully understand how close this nation came to rejecting diplomacy, and going to war with Iran, but that is thanks to the hard work of our veterans and military families.