Defending the Endangered Species Act

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Those who serve our country fought to preserve American freedoms and lifestyles. Almost nothing better encapsulates these ideals than the wild spaces and ecologically rich lands that have changed little since our country's founding, thanks to the laws that protect them.

The ability to connect with our public lands and the species that inhabit them is essential to the American experience. For many veterans who've returned from deployments—marked by desperation and violent conflict—nature, and wildlife can be a critical source of strength and healing. That’s one reason why Vet Voice Foundation is working to defend the Endangered Species Act—our nation’s most effective law for saving imperiled wildlife from extinction—at a time of catastrophic species loss.

As veterans, we are calling on our leaders in Congress to protect our nation’s most at-risk species and their habitat by defending the Endangered Species Act from these reckless attacks.

Join us and tell Sen. Cory Gardner to protect the Endangered Species Act from the Trump Administration before it’s too late.

Alan Pitts

“Colorado is home to many unique species of wildlife. Many who are endangered or close to being endangered. We must protect our wildlife and their precious ecosystems.” — Alan Pitts, U.S. Army - retired, Colorado Springs, CO”

Liz Lee“My favorite thing about living in Colorado is being able to escape into protected wilderness. On a recent fall weekend, my family and I walked among ponderosa pines and a golden eagle swooped ten feet above our heads. Moments like these are why I support the Endangered Species Act.” — Liz Lee, Air National Guard, Iraq War veteran, Denver, CO

Sara & Andy Poquette“We cannot imagine raising our family without the ability to explore America’s most sacred spaces, nature and all of its inhabitants. It is developmentally critical for all children to explore nature’s majesty, and always a place where our family can connect, center, and refresh. The Poquette Family supports the Endangered Species Act.” — Sara & Andy Poquette, Army National Guard, Iraq War veterans, Colorado Springs, CO