About the VVF Vote File Program

In 2020, VVF began laying the groundwork for the first-of-its-kind voter file of identified veterans, service members, and military family members. We know from corporate and personal data that there are about 28 million veterans currently living in the United States.  How many are registered to vote?  And what percentage of those eligible to vote would like to see the kind of change we need in our democracy today?

Last year, we began a small test of these veterans. One of the ways we did this was to organize and train over 1,000 volunteers from all 50 states to participate in our peer-to-peer texting outreach program. Volunteers sent 2.5 million texts to 1.5 million veterans and military families and identified 273,000 veterans in twelve key states. 

Through our voter engagement, we also saw a significant increase in voter participation. When engaged by a VVF volunteer, voters in the lowest 40 percent turnout propensity were three times more likely to vote early or by absentee than their peers in that group. 

VVF’s program has demonstrated a measurable increase in voter participation through peer-to-peer contact and voter education. As we look to the future of this program, VVF plans to expand both the tools we use to engage veterans and the number of veterans we are targeting.  We believe there are about 8 million identified veterans, across all 50 states, interested in a government that looks like our democracy. Our goal is to find and communicate with them, so we better understand their issues and voting patterns.